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I’ve travelled a bit… I want to travel more. I have never come across a place I didn’t want to see and a moment I didn’t want to write about. I share what I have experienced to motivate others, to conjure up the courage to walk out that door, your comfort zone, and see the world… I’m a Writer, Artist and Yoga Teacher. Come along and Travel With Lamb…

Originally from South Africa, I ran away to the UK at 19 with 300 pounds and zero experience, absolutely fearless. I returned home after two years only to be head-hunted from Dubai. Living in the desert gave me a new-found respect for pigs and blondes who expose their shoulders. Dried out and unimpressed by shiny buildings and pretentious cars, I headed to the jungle and taught English to the Land of Smiles.

My life changed, I absorbed the culture and craved simplicity. I found it easier to communicate with people who didn’t understand my language to my friends back home. Coming from a corporate environment, the jungle was a much-needed shock to my system.

I returned to South Africa and had a successful career in Marketing Management specialising in Online Marketing. After 2 years, I returned for yet another stint in South-East Asia freelancing my way between countries before returning once more. I then had two incredible stints travelling in Africa before settling into an expat life in South Korea!

By trade, I am a Writer, Marketer and Social Media Consultant. For business enquiries contact tammylambson@gmail.com or check out my Work With Me page.

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