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30 Life-lessons Worth Hearing

I skipped 29 Life-lessons and I’m still not over it. I started a series a few years ago called “Why I suck at being [insert age]” and it went on to be one of my most successful series on this blog. You can read “Why I suck at being 26” and “Why I such at being 27” to get a general idea. It basically outlined how I don’t follow societal norms and prefer to make my own way in this life. After highlighting this for two years, I realized it would become repetitive so I created the “[insert age] valuable life-lessons” series. Again, it did very well. Here are 27 valuable life-lessons & 28 valuable life-lessons. Why didn’t I write my 29 life-lessons? Can’t tell you. Personally, I think I just forgot.

Turning 30 is a massive milestone so let’s buckle up and pretend a 30-year-old like myself knows what’s going on in her life! I’ve lived a hectic life so far. Hectic good and bad but forever grateful for the amazing opportunities I’ve taken on.

life lessons

30 valuable life-lessons worth hearing

1 – You have exactly one lifetime. Say that to yourself every morning.

2 – Your instincts are trying to talk to you. That uneasy feeling you’re experiencing around a particular person or situation? Yeah, listen to it. We know better, we’re just continuously silencing our intuition.

3 – You will never look like someone else, stop trying to match up to someone else and instead invest in trying to be your best possible self.

4 – You are responsible for your own happiness. People can do horrific things to you but unfortunately; it’s up to you to put the pieces back together. Your energy needs to be used to make you whole again – don’t burden others with the task.

5 – Open your mouth and speak up. Do not be silenced by people who think they know better.

6 – Men do not always know the answers. Make decisions, ladies. You are smart enough. Those patronizing comments don’t need to remain and ruin future opportunities.

7 – Do not compromise on issues that contradict your core morals. The human you’re doing it for is not worth it.

8 – Find your true identity. Stop taking on different personas because it’s not authentic to YOU and people can tell.

9 – You can be wrong and you can also have horrible parts of your character. Identify. Control. Apologize. Stop using your star sign as an excuse for your nasty behavior.

10 – You will never be fully independent if you rely on others to feel fulfilled.

11 – Those you’ve known all your life might not have the best intentions. It’s heartbreaking but a horrible truth. Separate yourself and move on.

12 – You are not your family. You are your own person who can choose what they take or what they leave behind from family.

13 – A job title means nothing if it doesn’t make you proud when you’re reflecting on your day.

14 – A passion can only drive you for so long, understand ‘tough times’ and ‘failure’ come along with it.

15 – Get over your fear of failure. Your greatest moments of growth come right after bouts of failure.

16 – Learn to accept ‘You’ve changed’ as a massive compliment. It’s usually from someone who hasn’t made an effort to better themselves.

17 – Those that don’t grow will be left behind. Leave them behind.

18 – You cannot be friends with someone if they don’t agree with your core morals. I’m not talking about your taste in pizza; think about things like racism, sexism, and equality.

19 – It is your right to practice a religion, therefore, it is also your right to walk away from religion.

20 – Being unsure of your sexual preference is OK. Stop trying to please society by giving yourself a label you don’t want.

21- Tell your story. Tell your truth. Keeping it inside will kill you from the inside.

22- Know when to walk away from everything. Job, friendship, relationship… Owe it to yourself to seek a better life.

23 – Stop monitoring your timeline. Kids at 40? Great. Student at 50? Wonderful! World traveler at 60? Bloody fantastic.

24 – People can be horrific and can act from a place of poor intention. Try not following the crowds and shock people with your kindness.

25 – The word ‘no’ needs to be in your vocabulary and used often. You know when to use it and when you’re simply abusing it. You’re also most likely an adult and can distinguish between the two.

26 – Do better. Be a better human. Stop being lazy and hurting people in the process.

27 – You do not need a partner in life. You can want one but you don’t need one. You are whole. You are enough.

28 – If someone responds negatively to your goals they are probably afraid because they would never be able to accomplish them. Learn to distinguish when someone is being unsupportive because of their own insecurities.

29 – You do not need a passion. Simply working on being a fantastic human is enough!

30 – Being grateful will make you infinitely happier. Look to the light instead of what will keep you from getting out of bed. Don’t burden people with your quest for happiness, do it yourself.

life lessons

I thought I would struggle with finding 30 but I could write another 30 on the spot.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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