Countdown to 30: Is it too late to try?

By 30, is it too late to try something new? If there is something I never tire of, it’s making an ass of myself. Any time or place is just right for me to do something that makes me look like I was born yesterday with no morals. I have this ridiculous need to try EVERYTHING. I’m guessing I read something about ‘You Only Live Once’ when I was a kid and just thought ‘YES, that’s directed at me.’

Throughout my twenties, I have just about tried everything within my power and I’ve been loving every second of it. In terms of my career, I’ve dabbled in:

  • Marketing (Online and Traditional)
  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation (including photography, videography, graphics etc)
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Hosting Workshops
  • Yoga Teacher
  • English Teacher (Twice)
  • Training Manager (Hospitality)
  • Front of House/Guest Relations (Hospitality)
  • Digital Nomad

And I’m… fucking exhausted. I haven’t been searching; it annoys me when people ask what I’m searching for because it has nothing to do with that. How do you know what you enjoy doing if you haven’t tried many things? I applaud the graduates who’ve studied for 7-years and are then like “meh, it’s not for me.” Working in a position is completely different from dreaming about it because we glamorize it in our minds. I’ve got a perfect example to explain what I mean…

too old to try

Should we give up trying and just settle by 30?

I wanted to be a copywriter, like, I REALLY wanted to. Let’s rewind half a decade ago to a young Lamb in Thailand and I’ve rediscovered my love for writing. I’ve just finished my Online Journalism certification and I’m ready to start writing. Yeah, you see 2013 Lamb had no idea what it was actually like working as a copywriter. She really wanted to and her intentions were good, but she had no clue. Having done a fuck-ton of good in a former life, 2013 Lamb got quite a few copywriting jobs straight off the bat and felt like the heavens had opened and poured happiness on her life. Little did she know that she would be creating copy for absolutely everything… Like industrial shit and website copy. Some aspects of it were great and she flourished, but after a year, she realized her dream had started to look a little cloudy with zero chance of vegan meatballs.

Do I regret going into copywriting and studying for over 6-months prior to properly prepare myself? Absolutely not. I invested in myself and I empowered myself. Through all of this, I discovered that I liked ASPECTS of the copywriting offering and have since expanded on that; hello, Travel With Lamb. It’s never too late to try something new in your career or in other aspects of your life.

Never give up trying

Last weekend, I went skiing for the first time. When I mean I sucked, I like literally couldn’t do it. Well, I could stay on my skis just fine (thank you yogi balance goals) but I couldn’t stop/slow down/turn which became more than problematic. It felt both terrifying and liberating. I discovered that I have a huge problem with feeling out of control. The moment I’m not in control, I lose all sense of reason and just panic. By having this hilarious experience of being an absolute imbecile on a pair of skates, I learned something about myself.

And that leads me to my point…

too old to try

Never shy away from trying to find your optimal self

I’ve shared my art on Instagram several times and people always asked me: “How did I know I could draw?”

The answer always frustrates people cause I never knew I could draw, I just felt like drawing one day so I started. I was surprised I could actually do it, but I think I would’ve continued whether I was good or not because I love it. We cannot know what makes our heart sing unless we try something new. There is no age where we have to go ‘I know myself and now I’m going to give up’. Fuck. That. Discovering yourself and trying new things is a lifelong journey that you don’t ever have to get off.

too old to try

It also makes me feel young and full of life. It’s new and different. Why would we stick to the same path when we can explore the entire forest without offending the trees? This life is meant to be lived and it shouldn’t feel restricted, because then you’re doing it wrong.

So, what are you going to try today?

I can’t wait for my next post in my Countdown To 30 segment… I’m just getting started.

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Love from,

Lamb xx


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