solo missions

Why solo missions are so important

I used to be the most social person I know. I would always be out doing something; meeting up with people or at any bar, I could find. It took me a while to realize that that wasn’t what I wanted, or needed. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized that being alone brought me just as much, if not more, happiness. At first, it feels awkward and a little nerve-wracking to be out on your own but, I’m going to explain why a little awkward is just what you need.

Being forced on your own

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve had to deal with being an adult entirely on our own and it’s terrifying. It could be renewing your driver’s license or renewing your passport. It starts out fine; you set off in the morning with a mission and you’re confident it’s all going to go fine. You hit a speed bump along the way and you find yourself wishing you had someone with you to help. Then, you stumble a bit but finally pluck up the courage to ask someone for help. The end of the day comes and you’re tired, but you feel accomplished. That feeling of independence is important to our personal growth.

solo missions

Pics from my latest solo mission

Why I started my solo missions

I’ve always known that I wanted to be independent; I wanted to have my own money and be able to pave my own way. Now, I’m not saying you have to be a lone wolf to be considered independent, but there IS strength in knowing what you’re able to accomplish on your own.

Have you ever psyched yourself up for something and then it was, like, totally fine? Expecting the worst and then realizing you were making a much bigger deal of it than it was? That’s what going out on your own feels like, scary at first and then complete confidence in yourself. I remember the feeling of ‘hot damn I’m totes nailing this’ after my first solo mission and I was hooked. We have more strength than we know and more know-how than we give ourselves credit for. Sometimes, I need the reminder of ‘I’ve got this’.

solo missions

Why I continue going on solo missions

I’m human and I tend to put myself in a funk of feeling like I can’t achieve anything. There will be days where I feel like I can’t do this on my own and I need people to help me live the life I want. I do love having people in my life but I need that feeling of independence to give me the confidence to walk on my own path. That confidence wanes at times and I need to reignite it to feel whole again.

Going on solo missions, whether they be in the country I’m living in at the time or going someplace new, spurs me on and makes me feel like I’m kicking ass on my own. I don’t feel like I’m losing ground in my own life; I feel like I’m making strides. There are days when I don’t feel safe walking around on my own and I feel… trapped. Knowing it’s not safe for me gives me anxiety and leaves me feeling a bit hopeless. Going out and conquering the shit outta my day gives me strength.

solo missions

Why YOU are going to start going on Solo Missions

Safety permitted, going off on your own is such an empowering feeling and it gives you the headspace you need. We’re constantly bombarded with people and external stimuli that we never just stop to assess where we are mentally. When I’m walking through a museum or around a park I’m taking in my surroundings but also dwelling on things undisturbed. There is no time to THINK anymore. We’re told to just keep going rather than being allowed a time-out. Walking around on your own gives you the freedom to not talk to anyone or contribute to a conversation. You can simply be yourself in your own space.

So, back yourself and get out there. Do your thing – ON YOU OWN – and fully embrace the independent human that you are.

You can come along on my solo missions by checking out my Instagram Stories – I’m a comedian when I’ve had coffee.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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