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planning a holiday

Tips for planning a holiday that saves you money!

Hello, fellow stingy bastards, and welcome to another episode of “I Don’t Like Spending a Ton of Money!”

That was a complete joke and I don’t think you’re stingy (at least not all the time) you’re just cautious with your money. Planning a holiday is exciting, but a lot of the time you just take the easiest deal because it saves you the hassle of looking further. I completely understand that looking at 10 different websites to hunt down the cheapest flight isn’t what dreams are made of. You want to save money but you also don’t want the whole process to be tiresome and boring.

Well, Lamb knows a thing or two about holidays and I also know a bunch about saving some coin. I had a little think and put together some tips for planning a holiday that saves you money.

Picking your Holiday Location

Picking your vibe

I don’t see the point of going on someone else’s holiday; it’s such a waste of money. If you’ve been dreaming of going to Egypt but Joyce from accounting thinks its ‘ew’ and recommends Ubud for the smoothie bowls – punch Joyce and look into Egypt. Stop lying to yourself and look into where YOU want to go – not where the hashtags are.

planning a holiday

Check the weather

I was SO looking forward to Sapa, Vietnam in December, but after looking into it more – it says it’s literally the worst time to go. I’m not spending my cash money to go sit inside while there’s a blizzard outside. It’s not worth checking in on Facebook and then having no experiences at the end of the day. I’ve since opted for Yangshuo, China, which offers a similar vibe, but with better weather at that time. Understand that if the tickets are too cheap it’s probably because the time there isn’t worth the ticket price.

Avoiding the busy season

There are these horrible things called seasons and they will make you broker than broke. Seasons usually cover the busiest time because the weather is prime or it falls over a school holiday. Everything gets hiked up and expect all the attractions to be crawling with people. I personally don’t enjoy going during the season, I like it when things are quieter. My advice would be to check the seasonal calendar and go just before or after the busy seasons.

Money Saving Tips for Planning a Holiday

Buddy up and save

We are more likely to make that gym session if you have a mate holding you accountable. Do the same with your saving. Buddy up and make sure you BOTH put money away each month. Screenshot your transfers or piggy banks and send them to one another. The fun starts with the saving, in my opinion, because you can see your pot of gold growing!

planning a holiday

Use a Travel Agent if you’re not booking savvy

Using a Travel Agent can save you time and money. We all know our strengths, if scouring the Internet for deals and researching for hours isn’t your thing – get someone to do it for you! I contacted the lovely Joelle from Riding Around The Globe who gave me some insight as to what a Travel Agent actually does:

  • They can find cheaper flights because they have access to flights the average consumer doesn’t
  • They can get you sweet deals on cruises (besides Disney) that can give you some extras and even get you discounts when booking a bigger group
  • They have experience with travel and they can recommend places based on your preferences – there is nothing worse than being disappointed!
  • They can organize the group holiday of your dreams and deal with all emails, bookings, discounts, and day-trips etc – no more Whatsapp Group nightmares!

Be realistic about your travel destination

The South of France is great and maybe you can afford the flights – but will you be able to buy a cup of coffee with your breakfast? The expensive destinations are exactly that, expensive. Look for alternatives and don’t bankrupt yourself; I can guarantee there are substitutes that will be just as beautiful for a fraction of the price.

Pick hotels in the middle of the city

Unless there is an ace public transport system, try to get a hotel near the middle of the city so you don’t continuously spend on taxis. I’ve been in a situation where I found a really cheap room but it was so far out that I would fork out a ton every day on taxis getting me to and from my hotel. Also see if you can get breakfast included, as it WILL save you money if you can full your belly every morning.

planning a holiday

Find out the best time to book tickets

This might seem self-explanatory but airlines like to change the costs of flights almost daily. You can get price alerts through sites like Skyscanner or similar that help you know when your ticket is at its cheapest. You could save yourself a lot of money by buying at the best time.

What are you waiting for? Get your ass up and start planning that holiday of your dreams!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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