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Things that brighten up my day! #MorningRoutine

I used to be a hater for the AM start and I would be a misery in the mornings throughout my schooling life. Sleeping in late was ‘cool’ and it meant I was a night owl. The older I got, the more I realized how I didn’t like nighttime and I liked rising with the sun. There’s a beauty in the morning light and the freshness of a new day; it’s become my happy time.

My mornings don’t always start off with a happy jump but there are things I’ve learned that make me happy when I’m not feeling like my best self. With it being Monday and all…

Things that brighten up my day!

Looking out my window

We don’t always have a view we like, but if you do, take a couple minutes to simply breathe and look out your window. Take a few breaths and realize what you’re feeling. For me, I always feel gratitude after soaking in the view. I realize how lucky I am to be living my life the way I choose to live it.

I look at my favourite Instagram Accounts

Aaaand they’re about animals. Who is shocked? Not me. There is something about watching animals that just warms me from the inside out. I make the most ridiculous sounds watching these videos. My poor neighbour. My current favourites are:

brighten up

brighten up

I listen to my favourite songs

You know that cheesy ass song on your playlist that has been played the most? Your guilty pleasure? Yup. Play that song. Mine are Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader and anything by Britney Spears. #ItsBritneyBitch

I listen to my favourite TedTalks

The beauty that is TedTalks is just wonderful and underrated in my opinion. You have access to brilliant minds at your fingertips; minds we can learn from. My favourite is “How to stop screwing yourself over” by Mel Robbins and “My philosophy for a happy life” by Sam Berns.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Self-love is also about what we put into our bodies because when we eat trash, there is an underlying sense of guilt that likes to seep in. Start your morning guilt-free by giving it some love. Opt for a healthier option tomorrow and put less cream or sugar in your coffee. It’s the little things.

Exercise – get up and move

That bliss you get from a morning stretch is second to none. By moving your body you’re releasing any of that fuzz that’s stuck around from the night before. No gym membership? Here is an epic 5-minute morning stretch video by the wonderful Yoga With Adriene that won’t take up much time! Try it and feel the difference.


Pic by @photographer_in_korea on Instagram

Journal Writing or Gratitude Lists

I’ve written about using Journal Writing as a free therapy tool and doing a short 7-day gratitude challenge before. People don’t always have time to listen to you; you have to be your own superhero sometimes. Writing out your feelings make you face them on paper and that often results in taking action. Find the things you are grateful for and hold onto them.

Stop being a victim in your own story

There is often a sense of ‘why me?’ or ‘poor me’ in the mornings. We’re tired and tend to get a bit dramatic. Realise that you can save yourself and just… chill. Stop trying to feel sorry for yourself because you feel a little groggy. Realise you’re lucky enough to have a bed to wake up in.

You feeling good about your mornings yet????? I hope you learned something cool today or at least a starting point for making your days better. We can all have bad days and we need to know how to make them better. Take control of your happiness and enjoy the time you have left on planet earth!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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