Realising my weaknesses

Realising your weaknesses or your faults is always viewed as a negative thing. Proof? People don’t talk about them. Weaknesses are depicted as things you need to keep secret in the fear of people playing on them or exploiting them. People always comment on your strengths and the conversation never really meanders off to our faults. Can you imagine an interview or a first date where all you talk about is the areas in which you fall short?

Is it the ‘quest for perfection’ the reason we feel ashamed?

I have a perfectionist streak in me (that I’ll get into a bit later) and it can negatively impact my life. Being perfect is not always the vocalized goal, but it is something people feel they NEED to work towards. I’m not just happy with my body; I need to make it perfect! Is this why we feel we need to hide our faults?

Realising my weaknesses

I get too involved in everything ‘else’

My mom still talks about me striding across the playground getting involved in my friends’ fights. I wanted to get involved and help. I always want to bladdy get involved and help. It’s beyond exhausting and I wish it would stop because I struggle to focus on myself. There’s this constant need to look outward instead of inward. I want to fix other people’s problems and I get so emotionally invested so quickly.

I want to try everything

My CV skills section looks impressive to employers but it’s a HUGE fault I have. You can call it a lifelong learner if you want, but for me, it’s my incessant need to keep learning everything to be ‘better’. I find it hard to accept my skills or skill level; I need to improve because I feel I’m not good enough.

I always want to educate

Along with this need to learn more, I immediately assume people are on the same path. When I hear someone saying something incorrect, I get excited that I could teach them something, It’s not because I think I’m smarter, it’s just that I heard the correct information elsewhere. I don’t mind being corrected; I used to and I seem to have forgotten that feeling. Whenever I correct someone, it’s usually followed by a mental argument with myself to not do that.


I always feel intellectually inferior

A lot of my friends are older than me and I often feel like I know absolutely nothing; I am dumb. There is a wealth of knowledge out there and I feel like I am adequate in nothing. I don’t back my intellect at all and I struggle to think I know much about anything.

I am a perfectionist where I don’t need to be

As a content creator, I have this constant anxiety over putting mediocre content online. I never just do it and post it – I will stress over a piece of content for weeks and never end up posting the damn thing. I have videos and podcasts ready to go but I never post them over being too critical of myself.

I overdo absolutely everything

I ruin most things in my life because I go 100% from the start and burn out. The overwhelming feeling of the stupidity of a full fridge of spoiled fruit when I decided to juice three times a day was the way forward. It’s never just ‘let’s try this and see what happens’ I need to go hardcore immediately.


I don’t trust people

This has been from feeling the sting of betrayal but it’s also a huge fault I have; I don’t trust people. When people tell me something, I immediately start trying to peel back the layers and ‘working them out’. This has been swell for my dating life if you can imagine that going down on a first date. I am blatantly honest most of the time, so I don’t know where this comes from. I just get this feeling in my gut that I’m being lied to or they have an ulterior motive and I back off.

I get frustrated with people

If I didn’t do yoga on the regular, I would’ve been in trouble with the law by now. I always expect people to do good and be a good person. It’s always a wake-up call when I realize I don’t live in Neverland and people will act according to their conditioning and upbringing. I assume they know what I know and when I think about it later; I realize how ignorant that stream of thought is. When I see people throwing trash on the floor or pushing in front of old people, my blood boils and I see red. I need to breathe and realize we’re all different.

I never feel content and I drive people crazy

The people closest to me have to put up with a lot because I cannot ever feel content with my life. I have tried, believe me, but I get settled for a nanosecond and then I think: “what next?” There is never a moment of stability and it drives me insane. I get to a happy place where I acknowledge how happy I am while simultaneously feeling the itch in my feet. There is a lot of self-discovery that happens and even some anger, I am continuously working on it.

Why we need to realize our weaknesses

The moment I documented my weakness was the moment I owned them. Acknowledging them made me feel some freedom from them because they were there, but not front and centre in my life. We aren’t controlled by our weakness; they are simply a part of us. A part that we can work on and grow from. Always work on improving yourself for you.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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