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The 7-day Gratitude Challenge everyone should do!

Have you complained today – verbally or through thought?

Have you expressed gratitude today – verbally or through thought?

If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second – this Gratitude Challenge is for you.

I’m so annoyed that I didn’t screenshot or write down the account of where I found this challenge. I don’t like taking credit for things that aren’t mine and I’ll say openly that I didn’t create this challenge. When we’re inspired, we should share who inspired an idea or train of thought – I can’t do that here and I’m truly sorry about that.

The challenge is pretty simple but incredibly effective; write down three things you’re grateful for each day. Make it an action rather than a thought; take it to your journal or Social Media accounts. Posting stuff like this on Social Media is amazing because it could inspire others to change their outlook on their day and to me, that’s worth it!

I’ve received a few messages from people on my Instagram saying that they are going to take on this challenge – and that made me so happy. Doing this challenge for 7-days made me realize how little gratitude I show in my daily life.

Things that happened when I did my Gratitude Challenge:

  • I reignited my yoga practice. I realized how grateful I actually was to have to the ABILITY and ACCESS to a yoga practice.
  • I started to do more ‘offline activities’. I realized I had the keys to my own happiness. I’ve purchased puzzles and painting tools since I started this challenge!
  • I reached out to friends. I’m so incredibly grateful for the wonderful humans in my life and acknowledging that made me reach out.
  • I felt more present. I expressed my gratitude for my current job and all that it’s bringing me. And then… I enjoyed it more. I got more into my classes and working with my kids.

It’s 7-days of your life and it takes up a total of 1-minute of your day. What have you got to lose?

Here is my 7-Day Gratitude Challenge:

Gratitude Challenge

gratitude challenge

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge

This Gratitude Challenge does not need to be limited to 7-days; it can be extended for as long as necessary. I’ve continued with it and it has continued to bring me joy! I can’t recommend it enough.

Love from,

Lamb xx


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