Why yoga photos are a bit of a joke

If you clicked on this link to see me rip Instagram yogis to shreds… then I’m going to be a huuuuge disappointment to you. Kinda.

My Instagram used to be a good balance of both yoga and travel, and my followers (FRIENDS!) seemed to like it. Unfortunately, since coming to Korea, the yoga side of things has slowed down. Ok, it’s screeched to a halt. It’s cold, man! I don’t want to be in leggings and having my hands naked for a pretty photo. My tits will freeze off and I will not be Namste-ing in happiness if I don’t have my tits.

Being the person that I am (I want people to be HAPPY) I sheepishly asked on my Instagram Story if people wanted more yoga shots. They did. Gosh, darn it! I literally groaned and started to devise a plan. Shall I take photos in the city? Don’t be crazy – you’ll die – these drivers are special.

OK, I’ll take photos in my apartment! Great idea, Lamb! Take photos in your studio apartment that has minimal space – what could go wrong?

I’ll show you what could go wrong:

I don’t have a remote thingy or anything fancy, I put it on self-timer and then run! Needless to say, I gave up in five minutes. Taking ‘yoga photos’ are always my least favourite photos to take, it just seems really fake to me.

Why yoga photos are a bit of a joke:

Reason Number 1: You can hurt yourself. Being in an advanced pose for the click of a button is a lot easier than being in that asana during a yoga class. Because of this, people strain themselves into these poses to ‘achieve greatness’ for the ‘gram and end up injuring themselves. I speak from personal experience on this one! They make for beautiful photos but they’re a nightmare behind the scenes.

Reason Number 2: They don’t capture what yoga actually is. I know people follow these Instagram Yogi Celebs for inspiration but I honestly found my love for yoga off my phone and on my inward journey. The asana side of things is a small part of what yoga actually is and I feel like these images are just pigeonholing the beauty of the entirety of yoga!

Reason Number 3: It creates exclusion. Probably my biggest pet peeve is when something creates exclusion. Yoga photos are becoming more about the clothes these yogis wear versus what yoga has done to make them a better person. My favorite thing to do when it comes to yoga is meet a fellow yogi and talk about how fucking awesome yoga is! What’s it’s done for my life and what it will continue to do! Not what clothing I have found along the way, materialistic items shouldn’t factor into your practice. A good mat? That I understand, but $100 for a sports bra? No, thank you.

Reason Number 4: I hate doing them. Setting up the tripod, finding the right lighting, getting myself in focus, only doing poses that will look good on camera. Pass. I just want to flow like a weirdo and listen to TLC… Which is exactly what happened after I took these pictures.

Will I never take another yoga picture again? No. If the occasion calls for it and I feel like doing it – sure. I just felt this urge to share my thoughts on yoga pictures and why I’m quite happy not doing them!

No hate to anyone… these are just my thoughts and I don’t direct any hate to others and how they choose to celebrate their yoga practice! I just had a brain fart after this dismal experience today and felt the need to share.

I wanna hear your thoughts on the matter! Connect with me and let me know.

Love from,

Lamb xx


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