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Wearing crystals doesn’t make you spiritual

This title could be pages long:

  • Doing yoga doesn’t make you spiritual
  • Wearing crystals doesn’t make you spiritual
  • Wearing harem pants doesn’t make you spiritual
  • Being a vegan doesn’t make you spiritual
  • Going to India doesn’t make you spiritual
  • Reading books on the subject doesn’t make you spiritual
  • Burning the world’s supply of incense doesn’t make you spiritual

Wearing surgical scrubs does not make you a doctor. You need the years of acquired knowledge and practice to perform surgical miracles. This is not shown in a doctor’s outward appearance.

The things mentioned above may bring you to your spiritual awakening but in completing the list… you don’t automatically get a spiritual certification. Spirituality is an inward journey that changes your thought patterns and serves you with a completely different view of the world. You could wear a suit every single day, never step foot in a yoga studio and still find spiritual awakening.

We put so much emphasis on what a person should LOOK LIKE to give them the stamp of “oh yeah, he’s spiritual as fuck.” NO. Stop.spirituality

To prove my point, here’s how you can ‘appear spiritual’:

  • Step 1. Book a ticket to India. Spend time there and make sure you get a picture of yourself receiving a blessing.
  • Step 2. Namaste. Post it everywhere and mention it all the time.
  • Step 3. Burn incense and post it everywhere on Social Media and light one before your friends come over.
  • Step 4. Become vegan and tell everyone about it.
  • Step 5. Buy Spiritual Awakening books and post them on Social Media with the caption ‘Sunday Vibes’.
  • Step 5. Buy hippie clothing.
  • Step 6. Buy a shit-load of crystals and just put them all over your human.

You’re welcome. You look spiritual. All the above things are fucking awesome; I’m not taking anything away from the above actions, I’m highlighting how we can be fooled into thinking spirituality can be purchased. As a society, we are so focused on the things we HAVE TO DO to obtain a level of…. Something. We have to show proof, some form of ‘aha! Yup, OK, I agree – that person is spiritual AF just by looking at them.’

Can we take a second to realize some journeys are experienced on the inside? That cannot be seen – only felt.

Spirituality is trendy and with it comes a ‘vision’ people have created in their minds. They will follow someone with dreadlocks and a pungent stench of weed because he looks the part.

Can we strip our generalized perceptions of human appearances?

What I want you to take away from this post

Everything I mentioned above, the signs of what looks like a spiritual person, are not (entirely) wrong to an extent. I’ve met truly spiritual beings that do practise some of the things mentioned above. However, I have met people who tick all the boxes but portray characteristics that I would never associate with a person who has been spiritually awakened. What I’m asking you to do is simply open your mind to the sad possibility, because society has made it so easy to imitate spiritual awakening, that you shouldn’t follow these people blindly.

Do not let the fake people tarnish your idea of connecting with those that are truly spiritual. Nothing comes to us easily. We have to be patient and hold onto our truth.

Stay open-minded and open to learning.


Love from,

Lamb xx


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