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Free Therapy Tools – Journal Writing

Free therapy? Sign me up! I’ve decided to start a new segment on my blog titled ‘Free Therapy’. As an open (out and proud) sufferer of depression for over a decade, I’ve learnt some things have helped me stay on the sunflower path. Whenever I feel like I’m slipping, I turn to my trusty aids to help me out of a tough spot.

Please be aware that I know this isn’t proper therapy and if you should be feeling completely overwhelmed by your situation – please seek medical help and never be ashamed of doing so. It 100% shows your true strength in seeking help.

Free Therapy – Journal Writing tip

free therapy

I’ve been writing in a journal for about a year now and I can’t rave about it enough because of the positive effect it has had on me. Writing my thoughts on paper every single day feels awesome – but why? I found my answer here in South Korea. My 11-year-old student actually showed me the light.

Julie has Journal Writing once a week and needs to write an A5 entry and present it to me every Monday. Some of her writing breaks my heart, she pours her little heart into the pages explaining how overworked she is and the pressure she feels from her mother. When I asked her about this after class, she grew silent and felt awkward explaining herself. Julie is near fluent, so I knew it had little to do with her communication skills and A LOT to do with expressing herself vocally.

We all find different avenues of self-expression; some find it through dance, art, music, speaking and some look to writing. Expressing yourself on paper is still a form of expression – you still get the words out even though you don’t vocalize them.

How Journal Writing has helped me

I normally write in my journal 4-5 times a week at random times of the day. It’s gotten to a point where I feel uncomfortable in my own skin and I need to get it out. People are busy and some don’t care, so look to yourself to be your greatest confidant and trust in yourself.

I write down how I’m feeling… and I’m brutally honest.

There is no judgment in those pages and I can pour my little heart out without making a sound. After I’ve finished with my entry – I feel the energy shift and clear skies emerge. I’ve gotten my pain or confusion off my chest and into the universe.

Sometimes, when I’m having a really hard day, I page back through my writing and marvel at how far I’ve come. It helps me look to the future with peace of mind that everything is going to be all right. That I will get through the next day – two days – week – month – year.

Take time out for you. Buy a journal and start expressing yourself.

Do you have any Free Therapy tips? Let me know in the comments below x

Love from,

Lamb xx

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