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bodhi box

Bodhi Box – My Review : Is it Lamb Approved?

BODHI: enlightenment when translated into English, although its literal meaning is closer to “awakening.”

I’m quite excited, truth is, the idea of anything organic or eco-friendly gets me pretty excited. I’ve decided to review eco-friendly products or ideas focused around mindful purchasing and I can’t wait to give these small businesses a punt! So, if you know of any small business that fits the above description – please drop me an email. Let’s save our planet together!

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of receiving my Bodhi Box! Such a cool concept that I can only liken to Boxycharm or Ipsy in the states BUT they’ve got the added bonus of being as earth-friendly in their products as possible. Sourced locally, your monthly box comes with an assortment of BEAUTIFUL feel-good items that you might not have purchased on your own…

That was my first thought when I opened my adult Bodhi Box, I LOVED every item and have enjoyed them in the week that has followed, but I’m not sure I would’ve purchased them on my own. That’s the beauty of this! It’s a monthly cost that brings a box of unknown treasures to your door 12 times a year. And the quality is there – if you caught my reaction on my Instagram Story, you will know that I was blown away but the quality and presentation of this box! The box also included a delicious cookie that I ate before I could photograph it… True story – it was that good! Delivery to the Cape Town area is also included in the monthly subscription cost.

bodhi box

Have a look at what was included in my Bodhi Box followed by the monthly costs to both the children’s and the adult box:

bodhi box

Nasturium Seeds – not only will they attract bees and butterflies to your garden but the flowers and leaves are edible

bodhi box

Wemasi Wash Cloth – a handmade pure cotton washcloth – it’s versatile and luxuriously soft yet gently exfoliating

bodhi box

Kalyan Natural Cleansing Bar – lemon grass and buchu

bodhi box

Naturals Beauty Lip Balm – Coconut and mint

bodhi boxbodhi box

I am SO excited for this brand – I think it’s an awesome concept and they need your support! So, my fellow South Africans – sign up! It is DEFINITELY – LAMB APPROVED!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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