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Using a Mooncup instead of tampons? FAQs answered!

Periods. Periods. Periods. Tampons. Tampons. Tampons.

OK, so that’s gotten rid of all the men. Jokes – Men, if you clicked on this post – I applaud you! If you’re still here after reading that this is all about PERIODS – I applaud you further. Let’s get real, periods are a part of life and those that wish to forget they exist are being incredibly immature.

This post will be on my experience moving over to a Mooncup from tampons and my entire journey from start to finish. It’s an extremely honest review and I’ve put together the questions I got asked from my girlfriends as I’m sure you’ve got the same concerns yourself!


It comes with the cutest little bag!

Firstly, why a Mooncup?

  • A ton (and I literally mean that in weight – several hundreds of tons actually!) of tampons and pads are used once and thrown away every year. They end up in drainage systems and land fields where they take YEARS to biodegrade – plastic Tampax applicators take several HUNDREDS of years to leave this earth. Ladies, we are hurting our environment with our bladdy periods! Not only do we have to suffer every month, but we’re also being held responsible for killing habitats. Don’t we have the rawest of deals???
  • We would rather spend that tampon money on cooler things… like food.

According to Price Check in South Africa, here’s what we’re dealing with:

  • Lil-lets Tampons (Pack of 32) – R47,75
  • Panty Liners (Pack of 20) – R19,45
  • Lil-lets Thin Pads (Pack of 16) – R45,95
  • Tampax (Pack of 20) – R51,75

We’re all different depending on flow but I’ll use myself as an example and I would normally buy a pack of 32 tampons per month. Sometimes it can overlap onto the next month but generally, I’ll work my way through a box. (I feel like you guys know me so well now! ;)) I will also buy a box of panty liners per month because whilst traveling or missioning around, I make sure I’m protected cause I can’t rock a blood stain – you know what I’m saying?!

Total cost per year : (R47,75 x 12) + (R19,45 x 12) = R806,40

I’m 28 and will most likely have my period for another 20 years so that’s 806,4 x 20 = R16 128. That’s without inflation (and fluctuation of them flows!). Yikes.

Mooncup costs R549 on Faithful to Nature and R500 at Azikho Health Shop in Ballito. The life expectancy (with proper care and sanitization) of a Mooncup is up to 10 years! You do the math… cause those sums have tired me out. The bottom line is you save a ton!


FAQs about Mooncups:

  1. How the eff do I put it in?

A question asked by many men before you… Chuckle. Chuckle. Ladies, you know how comfortable you are with your lady flower – you will figure out the best way to put it in. The instructions that come with the cup are amazing and they show you exactly how to do it (the different ways) and the rest is up to you to figure out what works for you. As a tampon user from the age of 14 I can tell you, it’s a lot easier than you’re thinking! I can take it out of its pouch and insert within 15 seconds… and I’m still a newbie.

  1. How does it stay in?

Suction. And more suction. That thing is not going anywhere! Our cherry blossom of a vagina is beyond perfect and it sucks itself onto the vaginal walls and doesn’t budge.

  1. Do you feel it throughout the day?

Remember the first time you inserted a tampon after using pads (those god awful things!) and you start to hear angels singing because you can’t believe periods can be this easy? Yeah, it’s better than that. I had my parents in stitches after inserting it for the first time: “I got a cup in my vagina and I can’t feel a thing!”. Even did a yoga session on the FIRST DAY of using it and I was completely fine.

  1. Does it leak?

Any cup you fill to the top will leak, we’ve all tried to get that last drop of red wine into the glass and it always spills over. You do need to keep emptying it as you would a tampon. Nobody knows your period more than you, so just keep to the same length of time you’re currently working with.

  1. How the eff do I get it out?

I told you this was an honest review – and I will be honest. The first time goes something like this:

  • Alright vagina, work with me here.
  • Oh, good God it’s stuck!
  • OK that’s not working
  • Open up instructions
  • Finger goes up and breaks the suction on one side and slides it out
  • OH MY GOD I’m never doing that again!

The first time is a bit of a struggle, but after one or two more times it becomes a breeze. So, please don’t be put off! It gets easier ladies!

  1. Is it actually NICE to use?

I recently used it whilst on expedition through Namibia and sometimes I didn’t even have a working toilet to use on the road… and it was a lifesaver! To be honest, I was apprehensive about being on my period during an expedition because I didn’t want to leave my tampons in the beautiful surrounds of Namibia. It became clear to me just how eco-friendly Mooncup actually is!mooncup

Ladies (& Gents), any questions? Please leave them in the comments section below or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram – I LOVE to chat about this stuff!

Disclaimer – This product was given to me but I am not sponsored in any way and all comments are my own! If you have a cool eco-friendly product you think I should try out – get in touch 🙂

Love from,

Lamb xx


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