valuable life lessons

28 valuable life lessons

It seems like a billion years ago that I was writing my 27 valuable life lessons post just after my 27th birthday. In between then and now I’ve travelled to NINE different countries and I’m feeling a lot younger than I did a year ago. I read my list from last year and it made me so happy, little did I know that that post would’ve formed the foundation for all the positive changes I made in the year to follow. Between you and I, I’m proud of the woman I’m becoming.

I’m sitting in a beautiful coffee shop in South Korea surrounded by animated tables chatting excitedly and it’s the best background music I’ve ever heard.

These posts are my way of saying thank you to the universe for what it has taught me. I’m not a guru on life, I’m a normal girl (or woman now, I guess!) who has lived a life to the best of her ability. If this post makes you feel a type of way that somehow brightens your day, my goal has been achieved. There are so many pressures in our lifetime that try structure who we should be and it’s a constant battle to fight for your individuality without making you feel like an outcast. We’ve sensitive by design and it’s OK to feel a bit more deeply every once in a while. I want you to feel OK after reading this post.

I’m not sure if I can top the list from last year, but I’ll give it a go.

valuable life lessons

28 valuable life lessons:

  1. You’re the only one holding you back. It’s not money, it’s not the time of the year – it’s you. If you want something enough, you will get it.
  2. It’s OK to let your decisions be swayed by love, as long as your happiness prevails at the end of it all.
  3. It’s OK to not like coffee but drink it in order to form some kind of personality throughout the day.
  4. It’s OK to be on a diet and still add those two extra sugars in your coffee to make the taste bearable.
  5. It’s OK to be afraid of growing older.
  6. It’s OK to have your own religious beliefs or not follow a religion at all – there is nothing wrong with you.
  7. It’s not OK to hate your job. Find something you love to do before your time runs out.
  8. It’s OK to take 350 selfies but never upload one of them – they’re for YOU boo, that’s all good.
  9. It’s OK to want to be alone for a while. It’s healthy and it’s beautiful for personal growth. Think of your alone time like being in a cocoon and the growth is you growing those beautiful wings that everyone will soon admire. Create someone you admire.
  10. It’s OK to look fabulous one day and not give a shit the next day. Smile at the haters of your sweatpants because you KNOW you can look like hot fire if you want to.
  11. It’s OK to feel old. Listening to younger people talk or envying their energy leaves a nostalgic taste in your mouth of a time once experienced. This is fine – you have SO many other blessings in your life at your current age.
  12. It’s OK to hold onto a dream for years without making an effort for it to become a reality – timing is everything and if it’s worth it, it’ll materialise when it’s supposed to.
  13. It’s OK to feel like you’ve never been in love; your soul angel is out there waiting for you. They’re waiting for you.
  14. It’s OK to see the best in people even though you know they’re going to let you down. Give them as many chances as you want. At the end of the day, you felt something and celebrated it – they were afraid.
  15. It’s OK to think you’re going to be alone forever. I’m currently in this phase and I know I’m being dramatic but it’s helped me shape a life that is entirely my own and not based off a gaping hole that someone NEEDS to fill.
  16. It’s OK to be jealous of a friend’s success but it’s NOT OK to allow them to feel that jealousy. Be a good friend and put your feelings aside.
  17. It’s OK to realise a friend is no longer a friend. They were a great companion for a period of your life and that’s all. Savour the memories and move on with kindness.
  18. It’s OK to sometimes wish you were 18 again, drunk on tequila and making out with random strangers. We all need a promiscuous stage and we can dream about it fondly.
  19. It’s OK to be gun shy about love. Just remember that this new person is not the old person – don’t make that previous person present in your new life. People deserve a chance and it’s the most beautiful thing when you experience what it ought to be like.
  20. It’s OK to be in debt. It’s just money, it can be earned and repaid. Missed experiences can never be repaid.
  21. It’s OK to hate parallel parking. That shit is terrible and sometimes you get it and sometimes you have to do it a dozen times. Oh, the embarrassment!
  22. It’s OK to be disappointed in humanity and not want to talk to anyone for days on end because even the cashier didn’t hand you your change right. We are a seriously flawed species.
  23. It’s OK to like the year 2016. No need to jump on the negative train if you don’t have a ticket.
  24. It’s OK to tell the truth online. Did you eat an entire pizza with zero regrets and then wash it down with a tonne of ice cream? Yup. Did you drink a lot of water that day just to feel like it would flush out the calories? Yup. Be honest and relatable. Don’t feel like you need to portray a perfect life. Who is it for?
  25. It’s OK to think your life is shit when looking on Instagram at the fabulous lives of others and feeling like you live a meagre existence… but only for an hour MAX! The online world is fickle and it’s not real, at least most of the time. I remember getting an inbox message from a reader saying how lucky I was to live my life at the exact moment I was crying myself to sleep because I HATED my life so much.
  26. It’s OK to be happy. I often experience guilt when I feel overwhelmingly happy, I’m not sure why. I’m working on it.
  27. It’s OK to be sad. Everyone deals with emotions differently, if you feel like you’re not over something – take that extra time. Don’t feel like you need to snap your fingers and be happy after going through something that broke you. Feel what you want to feel for as long as you want to feel it.
  28. It’s OK to love the person that you are creating. Cause I love you.

How did I do? And yes, I promise to do a “Why I suck at being 28” like last year and the year before that. For the lolz.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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