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plan an adventure

Plan an adventure – with your parents!

How to plan an adventure with your parents! During my time here on earth, I’ve come to realise that my folks are ridiculously amazing. When I was 19, I dropped out of my law degree and announced I was skipping over to the UK for 2 years to find myself and basically, I haven’t slowed down in 8 years. Every single idea I bring to my parents, they’ve been OK with. They trust me. In observing other parent-child relationships, I now know how lucky I am to have parents who support me in all my endeavors.

My mom had my sister when she was quite young and my dad went straight into the company he stills works at right out of University. They’re both adventurous, but they’ve never had the freedom to take off (like me) and backpack through a country for 6 months. We often head across country to stay in Cape Town throughout the December holidays but I personally haven’t joined the family for years, so this year I made an effort to do so. After 3 (or 4) coffees, I had a major brain fart to plan an adventure for my parents to enjoy, allow them to truly Travel With Lamb. I’ve only had a few days to plan something cool and although I won’t disclose my plans just yet – I will share the tips I’ve learned during the planning stage.

plan an adventure

How to plan an adventure with your parents  – My tips:

  1. As they are well-seasoned, when planning your driving route, allow for more toilet breaks! 
  2. Take your standard of accommodation, and take it up a notch! I’ve chosen hostels… with working bathrooms! VIP Lamb Travel status.
  3. Allow for more time at each planned stop. If it’s a photo opportunity or a museum, allow for more time as younger crowds tend to bypass the small details and run through the tourist spots slightly faster than the older generation.
  4. Plan everything for them. I feel as you get older, you start to stress more when going on an adventure. Have we paid for the accommodation? Will our car get stuck? Etc. For me, getting stuck in the mud would just add to the fun but know who you’re traveling with and accommodate them. Pre-empt their questions or concerns and do the research accordingly.
  5. Think about things they normally wouldn’t think of. Examples: withdrawing enough money from a cash point because the hostel doesn’t have a card machine or bringing extra towels because the budget accommodation won’t provide any.
  6. Print out a map. Parents are skeptical, those maps on our phones cannot be trusted and we must always bring a 5-kilogram atlas of the world.
  7. Make things as easy as possible. One of the main reasons older folk don’t go on adventures is because it’s admin to pack up the house and go. This year, I got the house and car rented for them and the animals are heading to a Pet Hotel for the duration.
plan an adventure

Snaps from our last adventure in 2013

This is my thank you for their unwavering support of my lifestyle over the last almost 9 years. You’ve supported me through every career change (there have been a few) and every crazy idea I’ve come up with, including the idea of me making a living off the internet 3 years ago. Without your support, I would not be able to live the life I love so much. Thank you. I love you.

I cannot wait to share the stories of our adventures coming up over the next few weeks!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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