rishikesh, india

Plan my trip with me! Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh, India. I get a special kind of excitement when I’m about to check something off my bucket-list. When you dream about a place for so long, you start to think it impossible to actually be there, to smell the smells and experience the local temperature on your skin. I’ve pictured myself meditating whilst the Ganges River runs in front of me. I’ve pictured myself gazing at the Himalayan foothills in the northern state of Uttarakhand. I’ve dreamed about attending an ashram in the World Capital of Yoga. And in less than 2 months… I’ll be there.

I’m having a very spontaneous year, driven by emotions; I’m letting my inner free spirit fly. Yes, I can picture your eyes rolling from here. Yes, I know I’m a free spirit; but as you get older I feel the pull of responsibility and I guess I’m rebelling in the only way I know how – defying societies constraints.

rishikesh, india

Me at my happiest 🙂

So, India it is! I’ve always wanted to go but because of the mixed reviews from fellow travellers, I haven’t added the stamp to my passport until now. As a passionate yogi, I’ve always been fascinated by the place of peace and hoped I’d find someone with the same dream of taking a ‘Holy Dip’ in the River Ganges. Years passed and I feared that I would never get to go… Until I thought, “Sod it!” A close friend recently attended the Yoga School Rishikesh Yog Dham RYS 200 and couldn’t stop raving about her life-changing experience. So, come November – I’m off to do my Yoga Teacher Training course!


What you need to know about Rishikesh, India:


  • It’s a 5-7 hour drive, depending on traffic, from Delhi. You can either organize transportation through your ashram or you can grab a taxi at the airport. There are also public buses you can take.
  • The Ganges River, as well Rishikesh in its entirety, is considered holy and you need to respect this sacred place by wearing respectable clothing. I came across a great article from a fellow blogger giving you tips on what to wear in India.
  • Organize your flight correctly. Some travellers don’t understand how far away certain ashrams are from their selected airport. Try to go through a reputable company like Webjet or similar who can help you with local flights at the best prices if you would prefer shorter commutes by land.
  • Make sure you try White Water Rafting! The best times are between September – December and from March until June.
  • You can also get the adrenaline pumping with cliff jumping and rock climbing, so it’s not just for the yoga junkies!

rishikesh, india

I will be blogging up a storm in Rishikesh, so come along with me and follow my journey on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat (tam_lamb)!

Until next time, Namaste.

Love from,
Lamb xx


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