How to quit your life

How to quit your life. It’s a concept that may be morbid to some of my readers, but a complete excitable hum to others. Phuket was super hot today, I was sweating from the moment I stepped out (other than being drenched by summer rains several times) and I felt tired before the day had even started. Opting to not hide in the comfort of AC units, I had a very important Ice Tea Date that I couldn’t miss. My friend and I were going over the last 9 years of my life and chatting about what I’m going to be doing when I head back home… yet again. Another revelation was realising that I would be starting over for the 8th time. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Because I fucking love it. I once said, “change your attitude or change your situation” and I meant it. I keep moving because I haven’t found my perfect place, my perfect situation, and I won’t settle for average. And neither should you.

I get countless emails and messages from people asking how to ‘get out’ or ‘quit’ their current situation because they’re not happy and want more out of life. My life is far from perfect and I’m not saying what I do is the answer everyone needs, I’m just here to tell you it’s possible.

how to quit your life

How to quit your life?

Have you seen that meme about driving with a friend who’s a terrible driver? And the caption is “yes, but did you die?” – we have Hangover 2 to thank for that, I believe. We feel conditioned to remain in a particular spot for a specific length of time. A job, a relationship, a house, a car… what are you waiting for exactly? I’ve been in fucking terrible jobs, sometimes crying before walking through the doors because every ounce of my being was aching to turn and run. I felt depressed, hopeless and completely at odds with myself. One day, I woke up and realised I’m ruining my life staying in a job based on other people’s opinions. Were those people sitting behind the same desk I was? Were they being treated like I was? No. Never listen to an outsider unless you want to. How you feel and how you deal with your life is completely unique to you, and your right.

I understand relationships is a different issue, but just remember, nobody else is in that relationship and couldn’t possibly ‘know how you feel’, so do what feels right for you. Understand, a failure isn’t something you’re going to grow from – only a lesson will help you grow. Think of it that way.

If you can change a situation to bring yourself from the depths of misery and you making this decision wouldn’t bring harm to anyone, why aren’t you doing it? You are the only one keeping yourself in that situation.

How to quit your life – Things to remember:
  • A job is simply that, a job. It’s a small blip on this massive adventure you’re on. 
  • A car can be sold.
  • A lease can be broken.
  • A relationship can run it’s course without the hope of revival.
  • A ticket can be booked on credit.
  • A loan can be repaid.
  • A childhood passion can be revived. 
  • An opinion can be ignored.
  • An insult can not be tolerated.
  • A right to life is yours.
  • A failure is often when shit gets really, really good. 
  • A guilt-ridden mind is usually a result of putting yourself first, and that guilt will go away.

Love from,

Lamb x

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