I suck at being 27 – Part 2

I absolutely LOVED the messages I received on my I Suck at Being 26 post; they’re more of us out there than you think. I’m currently sitting on a bus en route to Cambodia and I’ve got a backpack, camera and a MacBook on me. Oh boy, I totally SUCK at being 27!

Why I suck at being 27:

  • I still don’t have any savings
  • I currently don’t have a bank account either
  • Still no house
  • I don’t own a mode of transportation
  • I don’t have a career plan
  • I still haven’t finished my degree
  • I have no plans on getting married or having kids
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve missed my last 3 dentist appointments
  • I still don’t cook my dinners – thank you Thai food!
  • I still have an abundance of wrinkles for a 27 year old, although that cheap Thai botox is looking awfully tempting
  • I still use dry shampoo instead of actually washing my hair
  • I pluck my own eyebrows to save money
  • The thing I miss most in the world is my fur child, tears get shed on a regular basis upon receiving DAILY updates on Lorde Archibald
  • I’m obsessed with Theme Hospital

BUT – I have travel insurance!


Instagram – @travelwithlamb

Why I suck at being 27 – but I’m actually winning

  • I’m sitting on this bus, watching the most incredible views pass my windows and I’m just absorbed in the beauty of this world
  • I’m happier than I’ve ever been
  • I’m in the best shape of my life, with more energy than I know what to do with
  • My mind is clear. I can meditate in the hum of Asia with such ease
  • I’m investing in my future by writing this post whilst feeding my passion for writing and travel
  • I can switch off and finish a book without having to get to 60 emails in my inbox
  • I’m making and saving more money working in a job I would’ve never gone for if I was mainstreaming
  • I’m listening to a Thai woman singing a beautiful lullaby to her child and it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever heard
  • I’m going to sleep every night knowing I’ve made these decisions to make MYSELF happy
  • I’m a better person than I was 5 years ago
  • I’m meeting the most incredible people on a daily basis
  • I’m seeing more than I could ever dream of, and I’ve only just started!

Here’s hoping this inspires everyone again to realise that you’re on your own journey, and nobody else’s opinion actually matters. You go boo boo.

Never judging,

Tam xx

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