Reignite your passion for your passion

I’ve finally found a bookshop here in Thailand; it’s been a long one month, three weeks and a couple minutes without a loving book by my side. I lost my love for writing a couple of months ago, or my mojo as I refer to it during those long awkward conversations with myself. It’s so absurd to think you may cool your passion for your passion. How can you dull down urgency for something you love so much?

I expected to come out to Thailand, open up my Mac and never look back. Thailand has always sent my creative voices through the roof. That never happened and I started to panic. This was my plan. My goal. What happened?

I began to wonder if my love for writing was well and truly dead. Disappointed in myself, I tried to take a positive stance and started searching for something… else.

Opening my first book resulted in a spark I hadn’t felt in ages. I wondered if it was the book itself or my love for words. It was neither.

reignite your passion

Bang Tao beach, Phuket –

It was simply my love for reading; curling into a ball with a good book and going to another state of mind. I wanted to reach for my Mac and start typing.

Then it became clear – Passion ignites passion. Ignite what you love by doing something you love.

So whenever you feel yourself slipping into a dormant phase, leave your passion and reignite the senses by doing something that fills you with another positive energy. I’m also on the hunt for a fabulous yoga studio here in Phuket, if you know of anywhere – please let me know in the comments below. 🙂

I’m ready to write, but let me finish my book first… **6 hours later at 3am… I finished the book!

Much love,

Tam x

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reignite your passion

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