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27 valuable life-lessons

I’m 27, how incredibly wise am I. My life has been pretty colourful and I’m excited to spread that colour to all of ya’ll with my 27 valuable life-lessons:

27 – Always order extra cheese.

26 – He/She really isn’t worth it if they make you cry, unless they’re chopping onions or making you laugh to tears.

25 – Being lost is part of the fun.

24 – It’s OK to quit your job after only 6 months, your happiness comes first.

23 – It’s OK to change your career 4 times before the age of 27.

22 – It’s OK to be studying at the age of 27.

21 – Forgiveness makes you forget quicker – unhook unwanted hate in exchange for freedom.

20 – Friends can be temporary; a friendship at a particular time in your life and only that particular time doesn’t make it any less special.

19 – Deciding not to drink alcohol for a long length of time is your decision and should be respected.

18 – Never trying a drug in your life doesn’t make you any less cool.

17 – Fewer people are watching you than you think – use it.

valuable life-lessons

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16 – Those extra kilos can be lost, eat the chocolate.

15 – No one can see those extra kilos on you.

14 – Bullying comes in many forms, don’t fall victim to it.

13 – Defend yourself at every opportunity; you are a Queen.

12 – Dump him/her, never stay in a relationship out of fear of being alone.

11 – No one is paying you to be fake, be real and those that appreciate it will be the ones to hold onto.

10 – It’s OK to count the people you like on one hand.

9 – Feel your emotions.

8 – Embrace your passion and allocate the appropriate time to it.

7 – Your dreams are tied to your happiness, that happiness is nobody else’s business.

6 – A tattoo that is beautiful to you is beautiful. End of story; it’s your beautiful skin.

5 – Hate is learnt and bred out of the fear of the unknown.

4 – You are the most beautiful person in the world.

3 – Kindness is everything; a warm hand brings people in from the cold.

2 – It’s your journey and you make the rules.

1 – Seriously, order extra fucking cheese.

Muchos love bitchachos,


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