common mistakes on instagram

SOCIAL MEDIA: 4 Common Mistakes Made on Instagram

Are you making these common mistakes on Instagram?

I have been doing the ropes on Instagram for a few clients and I can’t believe the amount of ‘wrong doings’ going on with some pretty reputable brands. To some, these mistakes may seem like common knowledge – but too many people are making them for these to be ignored!

This is a new section of my blog that I’m really excited about. I’ve been in the Online Marketing industry for sometime now and I really enjoy training clients on all things Social Media, so this addition was inevitable.

These posts are based on my opinions and experiences, please feel free to share your views if you disagree – we’re all here to learn from each other on this online journey!

common mistakes made on instagram

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Here are the 4 Common Mistakes Made on Instagram:

  • Using the same strategy/copy/image used on Facebook & Twitter

I understand brand identity and the need to create an ongoing theme between your platforms, but understand that you’re attracting a different audience on each platform. Tweets are current and newsworthy; Facebook is boring (jokes) but informative. Instagram is for PRETTY imagery. People don’t want to see an advert. That shit is not good. An image with a logo and copy on it does not belong on Instagram unless you make that shit the most beautiful piece of graphic design that makes me want to see it in my dreams. A little bit of copy on a beautiful image is passable if the message is executed without you bombarding your followers with a sales pitch or similar.

  • Low-res images

Unless you’re Kim K throwing it back to a pixelated image of her and Paris Hilton attending a party in 2004 – it won’t work. It will look like you snapped a pic with your flip-phone and then decided to post it. If you don’t have the equipment to take good quality images on a daily basis – hire a photographer to do a series of lifestyle images that you can use over a quarter of the year for example. It will be worth the investment if you’re interested in including Instagram into your Social Media Strategy.

  • Over filtered images or collages

Search the hashtag #nofilter and then search the hashtag #valencia. The image difference is enough to steer you in the direction of ‘no filter’ imagery or carefully edited imagery. People don’t like the over-filtered look. It’s had its day and now it’s gone. Adapt. And collages? You’re not 12 showing off you’re My Little Pony collection. Unless the images are artistically arranged to show a jewellery collection or similar; the collage images are way too small to see properly.

  • Following a ton people to grow your following… and then unfollowing them

This has got to be my worse. When someone follows me and they’ve got 2000+ followers and they’re following 200 – I know what they’re going to do immediately. They’re not interested in my content, they want to grow their followers and they’re just following anyone and everyone. You come across as a very selfish brand that has no interest in engaging with your audience.

As for your personal account… do whatever the fuck you want because you’re awesome! I see you beautiful!

Next post will be 4 Instagram tips you SHOULD be using… 

Until next time pretty sloths,

Tam xx

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