How to plan your trip AHEAD of time!

A dear fellow traveller asked the travel community – “how to plan a three month trip ahead of time.” So naturally, I responded. My words of wisdom went along the lines of…

1.)  So the first thing to do is – find your list. I know you have one. Those incredible countries you want to see before you die kinda list.

2.) Next – look up your favourite countries and the SEASONS throughout the year. ALWAYS make sure you are going during a season that shows this country at its best. You are spending all this money to get there – make it a goodie! All I’m going to say is Asia in Monsoon Season/Dubai summer and leave it at that…

3.) Next – Research the shit outta that country. Find out where you DEFINITELY want to go in that particular country and leave time for spontaneity around those selected locations. REMEMBER – Travel is subjective – YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR RULES. 

4.) Next – Look up festivals and special holidays in the countries you want to go to. I arrived during fooking Songkran in Thailand with a massive bag charging through Khao San Road – NIGHTMARE. This will also cut/increase your costs. P.S – after dropping off the bags I picked up a water-gun and got horribly drunk on buckets – WINNING. 

5.) Next – find the cheapest way to get around. I just ran into a girl who told me she had been to Asia and had flown everywhere. WTF. Waste of money and you actually enjoy the public transport SO much more – absorb that culture man. (Not hating on people who want to fly – fly birdies, fly – I just wanna help you!)

6.) Next – Find out if you MUST book accommodation. Some places (like Phi Phi/Dubai/Ibiza over new year) are maxed to capacity months in advance – some places you can rock up and hope for the best. There is nothing worse than travelling for two days and then not having a bed – your night ends in you crying. Trust me.

7.) Next – Find out where to get your currency exchanged and maybe exchange months before if the exchange rate starts tilting in you favour.

8.) Next – decide if it’s possible to backpack or not. A mate of mine did Europe in winter with a backpack. IDIOT. You can barely fit one coat in your pack.

9.) Next – support the bloggers. They will make or break your holiday – listen to them. We’re so fucking wise, it’s insane. 

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