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Are you working in the right space? This one’s for my fellow freelancers!

…and I don’t mean finding the right employer. Every hipster/freelancer worth his due, finds it hard to separate work and his bed; how important is it to create a legitimate work environment?

Photo taken at Open Plan Studio, Durban.  facebook.com/openplanstudio

Photo taken at Open Plan Studio, Durban.

Having recently taken up a permanent residence, putting my passport on the shelf (for more on making the switch from traveller to home-body, check my previous blog post) – I needed to find a suitable work environment.

Working from home saves costs in the long-run, right?

That’s like taking your laptop to bed as newly-weds, the fundamentals of your home are; security, rest and peace. Answering client emails from the same place you ‘have fun’ is asking for disaster and quite frankly; confusion.

At this precise moment, I am sitting at my laptop in a trendy new work-space in the heart of Durban, South Africa, and I am banging this blog-post out like a teen on a backpacking trip. There are available plug-points and Wifi not named “Don’t steal my shit neighbour!”. My mind is ALIVE! I am not thinking about rearranging my cupboard or cleaning out my fridge; that’s HOME-Lambs problems, not BUSINESS-Lamb.

Finding a spot that won’t set you back is a challenge, but it’s worth the dig! I haven’t felt the need to check out funny kitty videos (daily occurrence for me) or Facebook stalk people I give zero-fucks about. Are you really getting enough work done at home? Can adding an additional cost prove beneficial in the long-run?

Photo taken from rayedwards.com

Photo taken from rayedwards.com


Laptops and client emails don’t turn me on honey! That MacBook Pro is not as important as your partner or kids, don’t take your laptop to bed with you! Thanks, Ray Edwards! 😉

My tips for the freelancer!

Mingle! Don’t sit in your man-cave with your thoughts and cereal bowls – head out as often as possible; source new business and attend events. Check Facebook pages for events in your area similar to Open Plan Studio in Durban.

Let there be light and air! When you’re sitting in the dark during the day, you are a creep planning a bomb attack. Windows – that shit opens.

Freelancers unite! Making connections with other freelancers in the same industry opens up new business and opportunity to learn; if you think you’re the only one doing it right – you’re an idiot. If your budget is really tight and you are looking for a cool space – share!

Don’t be afraid of failure! Wake up every morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Am I doing what I want to be doing?” If the answer is ‘no’ for more than 3 consecutive days, change your situation or change your attitude!

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